High quality loudspeakers, monitors and wireless microphones.


We love the finesse in sound, discretion and the maximum quality.

That is why we mainly work with two brands, L-Acoustics and K-array, which can be used as reference monitor of a performance, as public address system (P.A.) or an environmental perimetric installation

Everything must be consistent and that is why all our wireless microphone systems are Shure ULXD with DPA capsules, and when we use wired microphones we also work with Shure.

We only work with top quality material!

Light decoration

Vertical lighting, garlands, LED curtain, LED strips…

Diseño lumínico

The lighting is equal or more important than the sound, the transformation of the space will make you believe that you are in one place or another. “It’s magical and differential!”

We have many types of led lights, moving headlights, led bars, flashlights, lamps… Each element is specific, not everything works well with the moment. Lighting and setting a dinner is not the same as setting up lighting for a bash.

But do not worry, that’s our job!

The solution for dark spaces that require good lighting is our 200m of light garlands with warm light, to illuminate any area, we use natural 8′ 15” bamboo supports when there are no trees or columns where you can hold the garlands.

Our wireless led vertical lights are ideal to customize any space, trees, palms, columns… They are ideal, since they are wireless, so we can place them where is necessary.

You don’t know how to separate a space to adapt it to the size you need?

The warm LED curtains are ideal for this, we can place our natural bamboo in case of being in a diaphanous space to separate those areas. The warm LED curtains behind the presidential table also look great, just like behind the dj.

Sometimes we have an event or a celebration indoors and we would like to highlight all the trees outside, and we don’t have enough illumination. For that, we also have the solution!

We have a pretty nice solution for that, the 22m warm LED Strips, we wind it in the tree trunk and branches.


TV, LED and 4K screens, projectors, mapping…


We have LED screens, projectors and computers to adapt to your needs.

Projectors and screens, of different lumens with different screen sizes, front, retro or dual.

To be able to project from wherever you need!

When there’s sun light covering a space with a small meeting we recommend our 4k LED 65″ TV, but for larger assemblies the solution is the modular LED screen 50x50cm with 3.91, 3.41, indoor and outdoor.

There are many more solutions, we also have PC & MAC to adapt to your needs. You say and will and take care of the rest including the laser pointer.


Supports for speakers and lighting, Truss structures …


In most cases it’s necessary to use stands, truss structure, bamboo, support for lighting, projectors and other elements.

As we are a little meticulous, all our speaker and lighting stands are totally black from base to top, we work with supports and elements Konig&Meyer, Our square truss structure are 29×29 is black and are Prolyte & Alutruss.

We create the shape of the structure that is necessary for the event, truss goal, quadrilateral truss, vertical truss in totem form, circular truss …

We customize every big party and event on every detail!


CO2 gun, Laser Show, confetti…


The funniest part!!! The special effects are the last but not least point to choose that makes the difference between a normal party to a big party.

We have CO2 gun, (we include it in our TOP Big party pack), for bigger events we have a CO2 Jet with different bottle sizes depending on time and fire quantity, although for a first dance or a triumphal entry our favorites are the confetti electrical triggers with 80cm charges and fake fire pumps.

By the way, if you want to put people upside down you have to hire…

…Our Cittadini Laser Show & Fire Machines!!!


Music artists of Flamenco, Rumba, Funk, House, Jazz, Soul, Disco, classic, covers…


We’ve got a variety of musical artists of different genres for your event!

We have an exclusive artist variety, we only recommend that for us are the best and we’d also lie to have them at our event!

We have Flamenco, Rumba, Chill Out, Jazz, Pop, House, Disco, Soul, Funk… Solo or Music Band.

Live music will fit perfectly into your event!