Design your own Big Party

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Your event or wedding needs one of our big parties packs to turn it unforgettable!

Big party:

180 people max.

2 Speakers 15″ 2400W RMS

1 Pioneer Mixer

1 DJ Stand

8 Wireless lights

2 Hours of music

1 Professional DJ

1 Hazer smoke machine

2 LED Fx

Lighting control

TOP Big party:

180 people min.

CO2 gun

Confetti Show

1 de DJ profesional (3 hours of music)

2 Speakers 15″ 2400W RMS

4 moving head lights 280W, Beam, Wash, Spot

Laser Show

8 wireless LED lights

Subwoofer 15” 1000W RMS

1 DJ Stand (To choose according to availability)

1 Pioneer Mixer

Lighting control

4 Pixel LED

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