Musical advice

Music is the main ingredient to have the biggest party ever. We will advise you musically according to your taste.


The most commonly used software to listen and play music online is Spotify.
Therefore, the lists that we show you below are created in it.

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You need to have an account to be able to listen to the playlists we have compiled to help you choose the songs for the soundtrack of the most important day of your lives.

You can select a free account or a Premium account with its advantages.
In any case you can listen to our Playlist without any problem.


We have created a lot of Playlist to guide you in the musical selection for your bash.

All the musical examples are orientative, to help generate ideas, however the music has to be
100% to your taste.

Our job is to help you giving you musical advice and resolving problems.


Yes, I do

Do you want it 100% personalized?

You also can create your own playlists with your favourite songs for every moment, and share them with us so we can play them.

It is very important that you create a playlists with songs you like and that you want me to play in the Disco.
Remember the Disco is to dance, so they should be happy dynamic songs.

Do you have your playlist ready?

It is very easy to share with us!


Place your mouse on the Spotify Playlist that you want to share.


Right-Click on it, then place the pointer on “Share” and select the option “Copy Playlist Link”.


Now you just have to paste the link on the corresponing box in the following form, and done!

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